Whether you’re interested in an MBA, LL.M, MiM or MSc, our admissions coaches will rocket charge you application to ensure you stand out.

Create Magic

When you want to tell the world who you are and how you create magic in your career, we’re here to help you share your unique story. Our admissions coaches guide you through every step of the application process and inspire you to show admissions teams the very best you have to offer the world. Tide Changer clients have told us how our ability to listen and ask the right questions was the secret sauce for telling their story the way they wanted it told.


We’ve been helping ambitious candidates into the world’s top universities and business schools for more than a decade. With a strong track record with elite schools and sought-after programs, we’re proud to give you admissions advice that genuinely adds value to your application. From choosing schools and polishing your CV to crafting your story and meeting alumni, Tide Changer is the ideal partner to rocket charge your applications to your target schools.

Our master’s admissions services cover MBAs, LL.Ms, and master’s. Our services include:

Profile review and CV building

School selection advice

Networking with current and ex alumni

Storytelling and essay coaching

Scholarship guidance

Interview preparation and more

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Why Tide Changer Consulting?

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"Working with Tide Changer was an incredible experience. Always thinking which is the best approach. They were willing to discuss with me in deep detail all the different angles of a specific topic regarding my application."

HBS class of 2023

"An amazing coach and great human being. My coach (Thomas) helped me navigate several stages throughout my MBA application journey and brought out the best in me for my essays and interviews. I would recommend Tide Changer to anyone applying or thinking about getting an MBA, they really know every stage and give the best advice."

Wharton class of 2023 and scholarship recipient

"Tom was an excellent coach during my application process for both Master's programs abroad. His long track record as a coach helped me hone my English skills and develop a solid profile for my application at two of the best schools. His help was undoubtedly a game-changer in my acceptance."

Harvard Business School, Class of 2022 & Columbia University, 21

"Tom was a great coach throughout my MBA application process. Together we figured out the best storyline to make the most of my experience and have a bigger impact on my applications. His help was truly helpful throughout this process. Without a doubt, I would recommend him to colleagues and friends"

Chicago Booth Class of 2022

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