Engineers and MBAs – a potent cocktail for career success

Forget the idea that MBA programs are just for bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs. Engineers of all shapes and sizes are now using a postgraduate business degree as their ticket to the executive suite and career success, and it’s working. Here are 4 reasons why engineers should consider an MBA as their next career step. It […]

¿Why are some law firms losing their most valuable assets: clients and lawyers?

Legal Tech and AI

The legal market looks nothing like it did five years ago. It was already changing fast, and the Covid-19 pandemic simply added rocket fuel to accelerate that.  There are three key trends sweeping through the legal industry, and some law firms are failing to keep up with the change. That means losing clients and losing […]

4 MBA myths killed by an experienced MBA consultant

People applying to MBA programs typically encounter 4 myths that negatively influence their business school application strategy. Here’s the most common myths they encounter:  Follow the following four tips to ensure your MBA application is as strong as possible: 1 – GMAT and GRE still matter GMAT and GRE are used to measure your academic […]

Imposter Syndrome in grad school applications and how it holds people back

Imagine having success after success, but somehow feeling inside that you still are not good enough, that you still don’t belong, and that soon someone will expose you as a fraud.   Imagine a self-doubt that nags at you repeatedly, and no matter how good your results and how much people praise you, that doubt just […]