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We coach and train executives in the world’s leading companies, delivering high-impact training that provides tangible career development value and organizational gains.

To deliver value, training and coaching needs to focus on the right KPIs. We’ve built a reputation for high impact training delivered with a truly human touch. Our clients love how we understand, engage with and motivate executives, and we believe it’s why we’re trusted to deliver corporate training and executive coaching on leadership, management and customer experience to bluechips and business leaders around the world.


If any of the following apply to you, you could see great benefits from executive coaching and training:

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When people were saying online corporate training didn’t work, we took that as a personal challenge. We’ve now delivered thousands of hours of online training with outstanding reviews and proven KPIs. Just ask Cisco, Deloitte and the top universities we work with.

Executive Coaching
and Corporate Training Service

Tide Changer Consulting’s corporate trainers and leadership coaches deliver in-person training around the world. Our management coaching and executive training courses are culturally sensitive and have received top evaluations from customers in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

We offer services for both companies and individuals.

For companies, we offer corporate training and leadership coaching, including our signature mini-MBA for new managers and soft skills bootcamps. Amongst other things, our corporate training programs include:

   Negotiation and influence

   Presentation skills

   Customer experience delivery

   Design thinking for innovation

   Team building and collaboration

   Customer service delivery

Examples of our training


Pioneered through our work with a global tech giant, the mini-MBA is the perfect way to accelerate the transition of people into management positions.

· Delivered in 3-4 hour interactive sessions over a period of a few months
· Helps to build managerial mindset to succeed in leadership positions
· Dives into topics such as corporate strategy, leadership, management, handling tough conversations, finance and accounting, professional development and giving feedback.

By the end of the course, participants will be better equipped to handle the shift from an individual contributor to leader and manager of others.


The ability to deal effectively with people and add value to customers will be the most crucial aspect of business success in the future.

· Intensive 30-hour bootcamp style training
· Focused on improving interpersonal skills such as:
   – Presenting
   – Negotiating
   – Influencing
   – Problem solving
   – Troubleshooting
   – Consulting
   – Managing time
· Custom designed programs based on the needs of your business
· Interactive activities such as developing roleplays, simulations, etc.

Programs are designed based on the experience level of participants to ensure maximum impact and return on investment.


We offer a range of services including:
  • Career-development coaching
  • CV writing
  • Interview simulations
  • Leadership and management coaching

Tide Changer Consulting training in action

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