Want to study for a master’s degree in your area of interest? Use our years of experience and love for all things academy to rocket charge your master's application today.

If you’re applying to a master’s degree, Tide Changer Consulting is the ideal catalyst for your master’s applications. Whether it’s an MiM, an MiF, an MA, or an MSc, we’ve successfully coached people to elite universities in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Germany,Canada and beyond. We’ve mentored master’s applicants for Architecture and Real Estate at Ivy League schools, Data Science at NYU and CMU, and Politics and Public Policy at Harvard and LSE, amongst many others.

Tide Changer Consulting admissions coaches are experts in storytelling. We’ll help you understand your career development and professional development goals. Then we’ll help you identify your target schools and build your own unique story. Our admissions coaches will give you evidence-backed advice on how to build a strong CV, statement of purpose and master’s application.

We’ve got highly competitive packages to meet each aspirant’s needs.

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