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Chevening, Fulbright, LunaCap, Forté and Laidlaw are just a handful of the scholarships awarded to Tide Changer clients.

Experienced at navigating scholarship applications, we’ve helped our clients to over $1.3m USD of scholarship funding in the past two years alone. This includes both MBA scholarships and LLM scholarships.

Getting a scholarship can be hard work and processes are ultra-competitive, but “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” Whether it’s through an international scholarship like Chevening or Fulbright, or applying directly to universities, we’ll guide you through the scholarship process and give you the best possible chance of success. With a network of clients who have obtained anywhere from 25-100% of their fees, we’ve built inside knowledge on major scholarships which we use to help you compete for coveted prizes and support from universities. 

Scholarships Coaching Services

Using the experience of our previous clients, we help you understand how to get a scholarship and improve your chances of being successful. All of our MBA and LLM packages include scholarship advisory, but we also provide coaching for people only interested in help applying for scholarships.

Over 90% of our Chevening scholarship applicants reach the Chevening interview phase and we’ve had multiple scholarship winners who now act as mentors to our new clients.

We’ve coached successful Chevening and Fulbright scholarship applicants on 4 different continents.

Our clients have got anywhere from 20% to 100% of their tuition fees paid for their master’s degree, MBA or LLM.

Advocates for diversity

We conduct research into leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Scholarships only: If you are only interested in getting help with scholarship applications, for example for the Chevening or Fulbright scholarships, send an email myfuture@tidechanger.com for details on how we can help you.

What our clients say about Tide Changer Consulting?

How to become a Chevening Scholar

Zulima González

Chevening scholar & UCL LL.M

How to become a Chevening Scholar​

Tony Centurión

Chevening scholar & Oxford MLF

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