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Packages are tailored to each candidate’s needs. For example, some people require more focus on essays than other aspects of the application; our packages allow you to focus on the things that matter most to you.

The MBA coaching package typically includes: one-on-one coaching to build your application strategy, storyboard your ideas, and develop your essays; check-ins with your coach to review progress; access to sample essays; polishing and proofreading of your essays; advice on choosing recommenders; interview preparation including mock interviews; waitlist letter writing; and scholarship applications.

Your coach will help guide you on how to best spend your time, but ultimately you can use it however you want.

Our Gold application package is best for candidates applying to up to four or five programs. If you are applying to more schools and/or programs, we recommend the Platinum application package. If you are only applying to one or two schools, we often recommend using hourly coaching services.

Gold and Platinum package clients also have the opportunity to top up their one-on-one coaching hours for a discounted fee.

You will have a head coach who will be your main point of contact. Tide Changer Consulting MBA and LLM coaches work closely together, so you will get input on your application from more than one coach. Our multi-coach model adds value to your application by ensuring multiple eyes have reviewed your MBA or LLM application essays and CV etc. before you send them.

Our head coach, Thomas Guy Scott, has over 10-years experience coaching applicants to the world’s top business schools and universities. The Tide Changer Consulting team together combines decades of experience in coaching and candidate preparation, with successful admits to the world’s top MBA programs, including HBS, GSB, MIT Sloan, Berkeley Haas, Chicago Booth and LBS. We also do research in executive education and have conducted doctoral-level research into MBA admissions.

We are proud to have worked with clients from top-tier firms including McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Kearney, CitiGroup, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Santander, Google, Microsoft, Uber and more. We’ve also had many successful applicants from family businesses and startups.

Our head coach, Thomas Guy Scott, has over 10-years experience coaching applicants to the world’s top business schools and universities. The Tide Changer Consulting team together combines decades of experience in coaching and candidate preparation, with successful admits to the world’s top LLM programs, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Berkeley, LSE and Leiden. We also do research in executive education and have conducted doctoral-level research into admissions processes. Our LLM clients regularly come from top-tier law firms including Jones Day, Baker McKenzie, Creel, White & Case, Galicia, Dentons and Hogan Lovells, amongst others.

We are always careful in the way we answer this question. In short, our clients have been very successful, many gaining admission to MBA programs such as HBS, Stanford, MIT, Booth, Kellogg, Haas and LBS, or to LLM programs such as HLS, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, SLS, Berkeley Law, and Northwestern, among others.

However, we trust a lot in our screening and advisory process at the beginning of the coaching process. We seek to provide honest, experienced-based advice and believe candidates need to be realistic about their admissions opportunities. We increase the success rate of our candidates by promoting a healthy application strategy that includes a mix of stretch schools and safer options.

The length of the process depends on various factors, including how many schools you are applying to, how much time you can dedicate to your applications, and whether you have your test scores and other application elements ready. Starting your coaching process 3 months before the final deadline is ideal, as it gives you the time and flexibility to work through the different tasks, but some candidates do manage to get most things done in 4-5 weeks if needed. We recommend not leaving everything to the last minute, but we can accept last-minute applicants if they meet certain criteria.

We recommend starting the coaching phase at least 3 months before the application deadlines. This is because a good quality application takes time. There is profile building and school selection, storyboarding for your essays, drafting, review, getting referees and many other things to do.

Please also note that studying for GMAT or GRE, and for IELTS or TOEFL, takes longer than many people think. It’s advisable to have been studying for some months before you even begin your application processes. It can also take time to collect your documents (e.g. transcripts and certificates) from your undergraduate university. We advise getting in touch with us as early as possible; even though we’ll need to wait for essay topics to be released for that part of your application, we can offer guidance in terms of other elements as soon as you like.

We recommend not leaving everything to the last minute, but we can accept last-minute applicants if they meet certain criteria. We would expect you to have all your transcripts and test scores ready, and to be ready to work intensively to complete the process.

We will give you our best advice based on our years of experience and successes to maximize your chances of being accepted into your target schools; however, we cannot guarantee you a place on a master’s program.

The application process can be hard. Because we focus on targeting the right schools from the start, it’s very rare that candidates end up with no offers; however, if this were to happen, we’re with you all the way. We will help you draft any waitlist letters and we can help you explore other options. All packages include a check-in session to review waitlist strategies and our coaches will help you edit your letters. If you choose to defer applications to the following year, this is not included in our package.

Re-applicants are not treated any differently to other candidates. While some MBAs/LLMs do ask for an additional essay, you can apply just like any other candidate. We recommend that you strongly consider how your application and profile has been strengthened in the last 12 months.

Yes, Tide Changer Consulting MBA/LLM admits have received millions of dollars in scholarships. Our applicants have received up to 100% of their tuition fees and some have received internationally recognized scholarships such as LunaCap, Forté and Laidlaw, and gained access to Dean’s Scholar lists. We have helped many candidates to successfully earn the UK Chevening Scholarship and the US Fulbright Scholarship; however, we always stress that it is rare for these two to be awarded to MBA candidates – they are much more common for MSc, MA and LL.M degree applicants.

We understand that each applicant is different. Our culture may fit you or it may not. We’re happy to talk with you over the phone and let you decide. If you want to work with us then we’re ready to help you reach your goals. If you feel more comfortable with a different company or coach, that’s fine; the coaching process has to be one that works for you and we certainly won’t take offense if you decide to work with someone else. Reach out to us for a chat if you want to learn more about how we work and whether it’s the right option for you. A good starting point is to send us your CV to myfuture@tidechanger.com

Absolutely. We have a comprehensive MBA interview guide that has been created based on the feedback of hundreds of successful MBA applicants. All packages include a mock interview; for those who have bought the Platinum package, we will also provide you with a recording of the interview, together with detailed analysis on soft skills and your responses. These enable you to get constructive feedback on your answers and delivery, so that you’re prepared for your interviews. Interviews for LLM programs are rare, but If you do need an interview, we’ll prepare you for it with a mock interview. You can also take a look at our comprehensive interview guide.

Yes, we’re happy to review applications that are already at an advanced stage. We typically recommend hourly coaching if you need this service.

We truly believe we add to your chances of admission. MBA and LLM programs are always interested in great candidates and it is our job to help you show how great you are. Our results have been extremely positive with admits to the world’s top programs.

Tide Changer Consulting has candidates applying this year who were referred by successful applicants from last year, who themselves were referred by successful applicants from the year before and so on and so on. We have candidates who we coached 10 years ago who still recommend us today and this network extends all over the world. We encourage you to take a look at our testimonials here on our website, as well as on LinkedIn

Our main delivery model is online, offering you the greatest flexibility to fit sessions around your busy schedule. Our coaches are internationally mobile, travelling for executive coaching assignments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Each session is organised based on your upcoming availability, so you don’t need to commit to a fixed schedule. If you’re based in Mexico City, we will do our best to accommodate you at our offices, but you should expect most of your sessions to be delivered by Zoom or Teams.

Yes, our main coaches are native English speakers from the UK. All are also fluent in Spanish with a strong understanding of Latin culture. Moreover, our coaches are all well travelled having delivered executive assignments in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Cultural sensitivity is a must for any coach joining the Tide Changer Consulting team. Our team has extensive experience in reviewing academic essays and our lead coach is also a doctoral-level researcher.

For our hourly coaching, you can pay session by session. For our packages, we offer payment in either one or two installments. For the two-installment option, the first 50% is deposited before your first session and the second 50% after your second check in session. We accept bank transfers via BBVA or Revolut. If paying by credit card, we add a 2% fee to cover part of the charges.

We have had successful applicants from diverse countries admitted to programs all around the world. Just some of the countries our successful applicants have come from are the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK, France, Spain, and Germany. They have been admitted to programs in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia and more.

Please send us an email to myfuture@tidechanger.com with your requests and we’ll happily get back to you to let you know how we can help you.

Yes and no. While there will be common elements across all of your essays, we always recommend tailored application essays for each school. It’s important to ensure you have done your research into each program and that you answer the specific questions that each school asks.

You can only apply once a year to each program. Applying to multiple programs with the same university may be possible, but whether this is a good idea depends on your motivation for doing so. This is something that we will be happy to guide you on.

You can only apply once a year to each program. Applying to multiple programs with the same university may be possible, but whether this is a good idea depends on your motivation for doing so. This is something that we will be happy to guide you on.

It’s important to remember that an MBA is not for everyone. While it is the best and most logical option for many candidates, for others, an MSc, MA or other master’s program can be a better fit. In fact, we’ve had clients who were originally MBA candidates switch to master’s programs in data analytics, public policy, public health and other specialist areas. We have a strong track record for helping candidates in these specialized areas.

It’s important to remember that an LLM is not for everyone and that sometimes exploring MSc programs in law may be more suitable. We’ve had successful applicants to programs such as the Oxford MLF (Master’s in Law and Finance) and the Oxford MSc in Criminology, as well as to PhD programs in law and related fields. In fact, some of our LLM candidates have opted to apply for MBA programs and other MSc programs in diverse fields.

The exact strategy you follow will depend on a number of factors, including your test scores, professional experience, and target schools. We typically recommend 4-5 schools at most, though.

There is no escaping the fact that completing applications can be time consuming. Expect to invest anywhere from 40-80 hours of your own personal time in writing your essays, drafting your CV and reaching out to your referees etc. Your time with your coach will be less than this because they will give you tasks to work on between sessions; as such, you should set aside some of your personal time to complete these. Additional to this time, don’t forget that in many cases you’ll need to invest time in studying for standardized tests, talking to universities, and doing research.

In short, how long it takes will depend on how many schools you apply to, how comfortable you are with writing, and your work-life balance. Our coaches will always help you find the most efficient way to work.

Some candidates do take advantage of GMAT and GRE waivers, but they are the minority. If you don’t have a GMAT or GRE score, it is very hard to apply to US MBA programs. We always recommend having a score and, for top programs, this must be in the higher percentiles. However, if you do have significant other experience and/or top grades from university or other courses, it may be possible to apply without a score or with a lower than average score.

In Europe and the UK, the MBA culture is different; while some schools do insist on GMAT or GRE, other schools are more flexible and, in some cases, these tests are optional. Our coaching team can advise you on the best approach.

A low GPA can work against you, but this can sometimes be compensated for through having other elements in your application that are strong. Some applicants have extraordinary career achievements, some have extracurriculars and others have diplomas or other certifications that add weight to their application. All applications are considered holistically, so focus on your strengths rather than worrying about what you don’t have.

That’s the golden question, but in short you’ll need some of the following: a strong, polished CV that demonstrates your ability to deliver impact; well-written and compelling MBA essays that clearly show your values, personality and impact; GMAT or GRE test scores; transcripts from your previous studies. You will also need to perfect your interview and networking skills.

Other things that can add weight to your application include clear career progression, international experience, and extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, applications are reviewed holistically, so don’t worry if you’re missing some of these. Applicants come from all types of backgrounds and you need to focus on your strengths.

Great LLM applications will have some of the following: a strong, polished CV that demonstrates your ability to deliver impact; well-written and compelling LLM essays / statements of purpose which clearly show your values, personality and impact; a good university GPA; transcripts from your previous studies; and, for some schools, academic essay samples. The top law schools are often interested in your ability to think critically about problems, so demonstrating this throughout your application can be advantageous.

Other things that can add weight to your application include clear career progression, international experience, and extracurricular activities. You can also bolster your LLM application by ensuring you have experience in pro-bono work, charity engagements, and other extracurricular events that add value to the community. Having a diploma or specialization can help to supplement a lower GPA from your undergraduate studies.

Tide Changer Consulting designs and delivers high-impact corporate training that creates tangible business value. Trusted by global companies on 5 continents, we can create tailored training and development for your company that improves employees’ skills and increases productivity, sales, customer experience and customer satisfaction, amongst other benefits.

Yes, 100% of our courses are tailored to your company. We always carry out a thorough needs analysis before training and ensure the content is tailored to deliver maximum value within your business context.

This is what we believe makes us different. Your course is designed for your company, thereby maximising the impact of the training. We’ve worked with some clients for many years because their training and development teams, directors, managers and employees truly value training that is designed just for them, rather than having an off the shelf solution.

With experience delivering training in 4 continents, we are also adept at ensuring training is culturally sensitive for the national and regional context.

The length of our courses is tailored to your business needs. Our courses typically range from a few hours on a specific subject to up to 60 hours split over a few weeks and months. We also deliver intensive 30-hour week-long bootcamp style training, both online and in person. We are also available to give very short 30-60 minute seminars at conferences and other events.

Our courses are delivered in either English or Spanish.

We offer both face to face and online training. We have delivered training courses all around the world, including in Mexico, the USA, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India and more. Today it is also common for clients to opt for a hybrid option in which part of the course is in person at their company premises and part is delivered online through video conferencing.

At present, our courses are not officially validated by government authorities, but we do offer certificates for participants to add to their CV or LinkedIn profiles.

Yes, we offer executive training and coaching in one-to-one and group modes. We are trusted by executives working at many Fortune 500 companies, including major banks, management consultants, tech companies and law firms.

Courses can be self-paced (online via e-learning) or synchronous. The format depends on the requirements of your business.

Our head office is based in Mexico City; however, our trainers are internationally mobile. Recently, for example, we have delivered training in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, both in person and online.

The number of participants depends on the type of training. Some courses, such as our mini-MBA management mindset course, are better suited to small cohorts of up to 10 participants, but other courses such as negotiations, customer experience and soft skills, can be designed for larger groups of around 20. We do, though, recommend smaller groups to maximize impact. If you require training for bigger groups, we can discuss the different delivery models available. Feel free to send your requirements to myfuture@tidechanger.com and we will get in touch with you.

Tide Changer Consulting corporate trainers have over 15 years of experience working with global and local companies. We’re a trusted training provider for blue-chip companies on 5 continents and have been ranked as master trainers by clients due to the high quality of our training design and delivery. We’ve worked with thousands of executives around the world, achieving outstanding results and reviews from companies and executives. Our trainers have qualifications including MBAs and training certificates from internationally recognized universities.

Our clients are (or work for) major companies including: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Didi, McKinsey, Kearney, BCG, CitiGroup, Deloitte, KPMG and many more.

At Tide Changer Consulting, we believe that online training can be just as effective as face-to-face training. We’ve delivered hundreds of online courses for clients on 5 continents and received outstanding feedback from trainees and companies. With proven ROI, we can give you the confidence to choose either online or in-person training and trust that it will add value to your business. We’ve run one-week, 30-hour bootcamp training sessions online and received 10/10 scores for quality, engagement, impact, and satisfaction results, from all participants and managers.

Yes, and we believe this is the future. In a world where people need to work both from home and at the office, we know that hybrid training allows companies to maximize time and money while ensuring their employees develop skills for any type of work environment.

The cost of a course depends on factors such as the length of the course and the content. We offer highly competitive pricing that allows you access to world class training at a fraction of what global consultancy firms charge.

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